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Career Advisement

Career planning is a lifelong process which includes many components such as:

  • Choosing a career pathway into a role;
  • Acquiring the necessary skills and education needed to perform your role; and
  • Growing in your profession.

Career Advisement Counseling is available through the Delaware First team at the Department of Education – Office of Early Learning.  A Delaware First Career Advisement Counselor is available to meet with individuals or small groups in their program or in-person at the Delaware Department of Education office located in Dover, Delaware. 

A counselor is also available via phone or email to assist early childhood professionals in the following areas:

  • Guidance through the Delaware First qualification process;
  • Evaluation of your current qualifications and options for advancement;
  • Planning to reach your short and long-term career goals;
  • Identifying resources to advance your career; and
  • Choosing professional development options once you are in your role.

Take advantage of this free opportunity to create a plan for your professional development and career advancement!

Reach out to a Delaware First Career Advisement Counselor at (302) 735-4236 or

Career Lattice

Delaware’s Early Childhood Career Lattice (PDF File) was developed as a cross sector tool used to assist early childhood professionals in career planning, as a link to individual professional development plans, as a workforce recruitment tool and as a component in Delaware Stars for Early Success standards for qualifications. The Educational Steps are based on licensing rules and quality standards. Each step has examples of early childhood positions that are aligned with the educational requirements. This is not an exhaustive list, but a guide to be used as early childhood professionals are looking for position options. The positions listed in Italics are not considered direct care and education for children and thus may require additional training outside of early childhood.

For more information, call (302) 735-4236.

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